VA Reimbursement Rule Receiving Criticism for Slow Payment


In this article by Modern Healthcare, a proposed rule from the Veteran Affairs Department (VA) on how providers can take part in a new method to take care of veterans is received criticism by the. President Barack Obama signed a bill that gave the VA $10 Billion dollars to contract care for veterans who have not received an appointment in 30 days. Veterans who live 40 miles from a VA facility are also covered by the plan.

The American Hospital Association (AHA) criticizes the new reimbursement rule. Vets who qualify must be enrolled in the VA health system five months after combat separation or in August 1, 2014. They criticize the rule because it is too slow to actually reimburse the members.

Richard Umbdenstock, CEO of the AHA argues that “We had hoped to see a more detailed plan to ensure that care provided to veterans is reimbursed in a timely manner,” Others argue that this new rule will make it harder for veterans to receive treatment due to including complications in the Medicare rates. On the other hand, there are hospitals that are willing to accept VA patients despite the reimbursement rates. This rule

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