Virginia Doctor Has a Unique Way to Keep His Practice Open, Truck-Stop Medicine


Dr. Rob Marsh owns his own private practice in Middlebrook, Va., where he serves his local community by owning a small clinic, making house calls, and checking in on patients. However, for the past two and a half years, Dr. Rob Marsh has also operated a small private practice at a truck stop off of I-81 in Raphine, Va. to care for truck drivers, who spend their days on the interstate with no time to visit a physician. Now, truckers can visit the TA Petro truck stop in Raphine, Va. and receive a U.S. Department of Transportation- mandated physical, a flu shot or treatment for back pain.

Robert Berkstresser, the owner of the TA Petro truck shop, is planning on expanding his business to also include a laundromat, a movie theatre, a barbershop, and hopefully a pharmacy. Dr. Marsh plans to expand his clinic in the truck stop as well by including staff and adding space. Furthermore, he wants to adjust his hours to better serve the trucking community, since it appears truckers like to take care of their medical needs at night. Marsh will also be able to forward information from his exams to other health providers because of electronic medical records.

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