Want to be in Healthcare? Here are 10 Business Ideas


There are a lot of career opportunities available in the healthcare industry due to the fact that people are living to increasingly older ages. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that through 2022, 1/3rd of job growth will be attributed to the healthcare and social assistance sectors. The following are 10 business ideas:

1. Host health fairs that allow vendors of medical devices and health apps to meet with physicians.

2. Become a personal trainer or start a business that recruits and trains personal trainers.

3. Create a fitness center.

4. Become a massage therapist and maybe open your own massage therapy service.

5. Start a dietician or nutritionist practice.

6. Develop a home healthcare agency that provides visiting nurses to senior citizens, patients in recovery, or the disabled.

7. Create a business that does mobile medical screening, so that patients can easily get a flu shot, hearing/ eyesight test, blood/cholesterol readings, etc.

8. Make a midwifery/doula service that can provide birthing plans and childbirth/child care classes.

9. Start a business that sells medical equipment or fitness equipment.

10. Build a network for a concierge medical practice, which charges patients an annual fee for house calls and easily schedule same-day appointments.

Summary by MedicalGroups.com

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