Wearable Technology Can Transform Healthcare


Intel will replace Texas Instruments as the provider of glass chips for Google Glass. Google is also promoting its Glass division as a workplace- computing device that can be used in the healthcare industry as an app to record electronic health data.

As healthcare shifts towards consumerism, tech companies are concentrating on how wearables can transform health. However, a major challenge is that healthcare is carefully monitored and required to follow strict regulations.

The following are some of the innovative wearable devices that have been recently developed or are still in progress. MC10 is developing home diagnosis and remote monitoring tools, including a patch for babies that monitors and transmits temperatures to smart phones. Google and Novartis together are developing a smart contact lens to monitor blood sugar levels. Oxitone has created a bracelet to monitor pulmonary, heart and sleep-related diseases. Cerora developed a headset that provides actionable diagnostic information regarding concussions and brain injury.

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