Who Has The World's Best Health Care System?


The Commonwealth Fund has ranked Great Britain’s health care system the best in the world, according to a recent article published by The Economist. Other studies, meanwhile, arrive at different conclusions. It is important to determine which criteria are most important and have the most affect when comparing national health-care systems. The Commonwealth Fund “makes quality, access, value for money and equity the leading criteria for judging which countries perform well.” Based upon these criteria, the United States consistently ranks towards the bottom of the list. This does not mean America does nothing well; it simply means it does not do well relative to the Commonwealth Fund’s criteria. The article states that American health care “scores highly on preventative health measures, patient-centered care and innovation.”

There are many studies similar to the one conducted by the Commonwealth Fund available in the marketplace today. As a physician, what criteria do you believe is the most relevant in comparing national health-care systems? Medical Groups would love to hear your comments.

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