Young Doctors Are More Receptive To The Affordable Care Act


A survey by The Physicians Foundation reveals younger physicians are more likely to approve the Affordable Care Act than are older ones. According to Forbes, “More than half, or 50.8 percent, of doctors 46 years of age and older give the health law a “D” or “F” while just 37 percent of doctors 45 and younger give the legislation such poor grades.” Similarly, “nearly 30 percent of the younger doctors gave the health law an “A” or “B”… just 22.9 percent of the older doctors gave the law an “A” or “B”.”

The “reason for the generational differences could be that younger doctors aren’t as close to the bureaucracy of insurance and changes in reimbursement since more physicians are leaving private practice to become employed.” Many younger doctors have only worked for larger medical groups instead of private practices, which is becoming more common.

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